DCS: Kodak Professional DCS Camera files [P]



Kodak Professional Digital Cameras (DCS-420, DCS-460) use the DCS format. For unknown reasons, Kodak decided to make these files TIFF files; but standard TIFF readers cannot access the actual image information – only the thumbnail is available.


The registered version of ThumbsPlus Professional will properly recognize and decode DCS images; however, their extension must remain .TIF, as the Kodak library won't handle them otherwise.


DCS-460 cameras have a calibration file (.CAL). ThumbsPlus will assume this file is located in the same folder with Thumbs8.exe. You can specify the actual location in the THUMBS.INI file, as follows:



WorkingDirectory=folder where .CAL file resides


If this file is not available for a DCS-460 image, the error "PDC Library reports error #2" will result.


NOTE: This file format requires the Kodak plug-in, only available in the professional edition of ThumbsPlus.