PCD: Kodak PhotoCD Images



Kodak PhotoCD files are a proprietary format developed by Kodak for photographic image storage. They are generally located on CD-ROM only, due to their extremely large size. They may be loaded at various resolutions.


ThumbsPlus can load at any of the following resolutions:


Base / 64 (96x64)
Base / 16 (192x128)
Base / 4 (384x256)
Base (768x512)
Base * 4 (1536x1024)
Base * 16 (3072x2048)
Base * 64 (6144x4096)


There are some shortcut keys for selecting the display resolution on the fly: hold the following keys while double-clicking to cause the picture to load at specific resolutions:


CTRL:        Base * 4 (1536 x 1024)

ALT:        Base / 4 (384 x 256)

CTRL+ALT:        Base (768 x 512)


ThumbsPlus can load as either Truecolor, 8-bit palette or as grayscale images. Use the main menu selection Options | File Loading - PhotoCD to select the desired size and color depth for loading PhotoCD files.


Encrypted and watermarked images are supported - ThumbsPlus will request the password when such an image is requested at an encrypted or watermarked size.