RAW: Raw Grayscale or RGB

ST4: Santa Barbara Instruments Group (SBIG)

CT scan, Mammography, MRI and Nanoscope



ThumbsPlus can handle a wide variety of raw grayscale or RGB files, including:


8-bit grayscale
16-bit grayscale (Intel or Motorola byte order)
24-bit and 48-bit RGB (RGB or BGR order)
32-bit RGBA (RGBA, ARGB, BGRA or ABGR order)


Several types are internally defined and automatically recognized (they need not be defined in the Raw Types); however, you may need to set up file extensions in Options | Preferences - File Types:


CT scan:        256 x 256 x 16-bit gray

MRI scan:        256 x 256 x 16-bit gray

Nanoscope:        512 x 512 x 16-bit gray

Mammography:        512 x 512 x 16-bit gray

SBIG/ST4:        192 x 165 x 8-bit gray


ThumbsPlus can skip areas at the beginning or end of the file, and can replicate image scan lines (some medical imaging programs store only every other scan line). You use the main menu selection Options | File Loading - Raw to configure raw file types.                


Note: In order for ThumbsPlus to recognize a file as a defined raw type, the image information must be defined so that the file size matches the "expected file size" as described above.