View Window - Image | Color Balance...                    Shift+O

Main Window - Image | Batch Process - Batch Steps - Add | Image | Color Balance...





Use this dialog box to selectively balance the colors in an image.


Red, Green, Blue. Use these entry fields (or spin controls) to change how much red, green, and blue contribute to the color balance.


Save. Click this button to save the Red, Green & Blue balance settings.


Load >. Click this button to load color balance settings. This button is disabled if there are no saved color balance settings.


Compute from selection. Click this button to have ThumbsPlus average the RGB values within the current selection rectangle. The average RGB values will be used to compute the above red, green and blue balance values. Note: This is most useful to correct color casts in photos. Simply select an image area that should appear gray in the image, then enter this dialog box and click this button. After clicking OK, ThumbsPlus will apply the computed color balance to the whole image.