View Window - Image | Combine...                    Shift+B

   Main Window - Image | Batch Process - Batch Steps - Add | Image | Combine...



Use this menu selection to modify the open image by combining it with another image.


Operation. Select the method for combining the two images. The available combination methods are:

       Add, Subtract (x - y), Subtract (y - x),

       Multiply, Divide (x / y), Divide (y / x),

       Maximum, Minimum, Average, Fade,

       Substract Scaled, Substract Squared (x-y)^2,

       and logical And, Or and Exclusive Or.


Opacity. Select the opacity level for the selected operation.

Note: At this time only the Fade operation requires the opacity level setting.


Combine with. Select the image to be combined with the current image. The full path name to the selected combine file will be displayed below the buttons.


Browse. Use this button to browse for the desired image file to combine with the current image.


Clipboard. Click this button to select the image currently on the windows clipboard to be combined with the current image. If nothing has been pasted to the clipboard, this button will be disabled.


Open Views. Click this menu button to select any image currently open in another view window. If you have not opened any other images with ThumbsPlus, this button will be disabled.