View Window - File | Save As - Save GIF Options



Use this dialog box to specify the options to save in GIF format.




Background. Click the Color button to pick the desired color and specify the Size for the background below, or check None for not using a background color.


Header Type. GIF files may be saved as the older 87a, or the newer 89a.


Transparent. (Available for version 89a only) Check this option to create a transparent GIF. Then click the button to select a transparent color among all the available colors in image palette. You can also click anywhere on the preview image to select a color as transparent.


Interlaced. Check this option to save the GIF as interlaced, which allows them to display progressively over slow communications links.


Minimize Size. Check this option to automatically reduce the color palette to the minimum size (by combining duplicate palette entries), and create the smallest size of GIF file that it can.


Comments. (Available for version 89a only) Click this button to edit image comments.