Main Window - Options | Viewing - Color Management                    Ctrl+J

View Window - View | Preferences - Color Management                    F9



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Use this dialog to configure how ThumbsPlus will use color matching profiles to best represent image colors on monitors and printers. For more information on color management and color profiles click here. To read information at Microsoft regarding color management click here.


Profiles folder. This field displays the current windows folder that contains installed color profile ICM files.


Device profile associations. Lists all the color profiles currently installed. Double click a device OR click the [Change] button to set its active profile.

Rendering Intent. Lists the rendering intents you can use. A rendering intent maps the colors of an image to the color gamut of a monitor or printer. The color gamut is the range of color that a device can produce.


Relative Colorimetric (Proof) is the best for logo images, in which a few colors must be matched exactly. The colors that fall within the gamuts of both devices are left unchanged. However, other colors may map to a single color, resulting in tone compression.


Absolute Colorimetric (Match) is used for mapping to a device-independent color space. The result is an idealized print viewed on a perfect paper with a large dynamic range and color gamut.


Perceptual (Picture) is the best for photographic images. All the colors of one gamut are scaled to fit within another gamut. The relationship between colors is maintained.


Saturation (Graphic) is the best for graphs and pie charts, in which vivdness is more important than actual color. The relative saturation of colors is maintained from gamut to gamut. Colors outside the gamut are changed to colors of the same saturation, but different degrees of brightness, at the edge of the gamut.


Enable in


View windows. Check this button to enable color management in view windows.


Slide show. Check this button to enable color management in a slide show.


Thumbnail view. Check this button to enable color management in the thumbnail view.


Enable for images of type


Truecolor. Check this button to enable color management for truecolor images.


Grayscale. Check this button to enable color management for grayscale images.


Indexed (palette). Check this button to enable color management for palettized images.


Obtain current monitor profile from Windows on program startup. Check this button to initialize color management at program startup and get the default monitor profile.