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When ThumbsPlus detects that an image contains a Digimarc® watermark, a copyright symbol "©" appears in the title bar with the image. Selecting Edit | Read Watermark will show the watermark information. You can enable this detection in Options | Viewing - Other. You can also configure ThumbsPlus to check for watermarks when making thumbnails (and a © decoration will display on the thumbnails) using Options | Preferences - Thumbnails.



Watermark Type


Digimarc ID. The Digimarc ID (assigned by Digimarc) of the creator or owner of the image.


Image ID. An identification code assigned by the creator or owner of the image.


Transaction ID. An identification code assigned by the creator or owner of the image.


Copyright years. The year (or years) stated by the owner of the image as its copyright date.





Restricted Use, Adult Content, Do Not Copy. The image owner may set any of these attributes when the watermarking the image.



Watermark Durability


Watermark Durability. If you are the registered owner of the image, the durability (strength) of the watermark shows here.


Creator Information


URL. The URL used in Web Lookup displays here.


Web Lookup. Each Digimarc user registers with Digimarc. The Web Lookup button will launch your browser and obtain information about the owner or creator of the image.



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