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This selection turns the view window status line on or off. If you want to have a status line for each new view window, use Options | Viewing - Appearance from the main window.


Note: The status line is hidden in full screen mode.




The available status line display items are:


Image info icons. This item displays icons which indicate various properties of the current image, such as, modified status, read-only file, file information (EXIF, IPTC, etc) and tagged gallery membership.


256-color dither. The item will indicate if a 24-bit image is dithered to 8 bits for display on a 256-color display driver.


Current zoom. When using the integral zoom, this field indicates the current factor.


Image dimensions. This item displays the image dimensions and color depth.


Image resolution. This item displays the image resolution in either inches or centimeters.


Print Size. Given the current image dimensions and resolution, this item will display the calculated print size.


Uncompressed Image Size. This item displays the current file's uncompressed size.


JPEG Quality level. If the file is JPEG compressed, this item indicates the current JPEG quality and compression settings.


Selected area. The item displays the size of the currently selected area of the image. If blank, there is no selection area.


Selection position. When selecting, this field contains the coordinates of the upper-left corner of the selection rectangle. When no selection is active, this field contains the current cursor position in the image.


Current pixel color. This field shows the current pixel color (red, green, blue). Each sample ranges from 0 to 255. When selecting, this is the color of the anchor point of the selection (the first point selected).


Print Size. This item will display the maximum recommended print size.


Image gamma. The current image gamma value.


Page number. If viewing a multipage file (e.g TIFF), this item will display the current image page number.


File class. This item display the class of the file (Raster or Vector).


File type. This item displays the current file extension.


File load time. This item displays the amount of time (in seconds) that it took to load the current.


File position. This item displays the current file position within the current folder displayed in the thumbnail view.


To customize which items display where on your status line, simply right click on the desired position and select the item from the above popup menu.


Note: The original location of the selected status line item will not change. You must configure each status line item area separately.