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This menu selection toggles the display of the View Window viewbar.


The viewbar is a dockable tabbed window which allows quick access to image color information, current zoomed image area context, file information and image comments.



Channels Tab


R G B Alpha. Click any of the color buttons to toggle the color channels displayed in the view window.


Cursor Positon. This field displays the x and y coordinates of the pixel currently under the mouse cursor.


Current Color (R,G,B). This field displays the decimal values of the red, green and blue color components of the current pixel.


Current Color (HEX). This field displays the hexidecimal color value of the current pixel.


Current Color (visual). This field displays the actual color of the current pixel.


Histogram (R,G,B,Intensity). This graph display the RGB color histogram or intensity histogram of the entire image.


Show intensity histogram. Check this option to display the intensity histogram. If unchecked the RGB color histogram is displayed.


Reference map. This control displays a preview of the entire image. Areas not visible in the current view window are masked (desaturated and blurred). The current display area is framed by a white rectangle and the selection area is indicated by an orange selection shape. You can used the reference map to pan and scroll by simply dragging the display area rectangle with the mouse.



Info tab


This tab displays the current file information for the image. See Info Tab for more information on how to select file information items for display.



Comments Tab


This tab displays the current file comments. You can modify the comments directly in this tab. See Edit | Edit/Add Comments for more information on image comment editing.