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DIgicam Press Release

CHARLOTTE, NC, July 15, 2005 -- Cerious Software, Inc. has released its ThumbsPlus v7 Digicam plug-in. The Digicam plug-in v1.7 is a free plug-in for ThumbsPlus v7 Pro. This plug-in can be tested with the Standard Edition of ThumbsPlus as well as the 30 day trial version. Download locations for every pertinent file are below.

Additional product information available here.

The ThumbsPlus Digicam Features:

This ThumbsPlus plug-in will load the following file types along with many, many others:

.CRW - Canon PowerShot and amateur SLRs
.CR2 - Canon Pro SLR (1Ds, 10D, 20D, 1Ds MkII and others)
.TIF - Canon EOS1D
.NEF - Nikon
.PEF - Pentax
.RAF - Fuji
.X3F - Foveon/Sigma
.BAY - Casio
.ORF - Olympus
.MRW - Minolta
.RAW - Leica, Panasonic
.SRF - Sony

Model numbers have not been included as this upgrade supports almost every digital raw camera file in existence. However, camera manufacturers produce new formats very quickly. We will try to update the plug-in as often as possible to incorporate new formats. So if you find a camera raw file that will not thumbnail or view, send a sample file and the details about the camera to Laura Shook, and she will test and get back to you ASAP!

The Options dialog (Options | File Plug-ins | Digicam Raw plug-in) includes these options:

Load embedded JPEG or thumbnail for. Select functions for which you wish to use any available embedded thumbnail or JPEG image. This speeds loading for these functions. By default, everything but "viewing" is checked. Note that batch conversions and quick conversions will never use the embedded preview.

Load 16 bits per channel. (Available in ThumbsPlus 7.0 and later only). When viewing, converting, or batch processing, the plug-in will provide 16 bpc (48 bits per pixel) images.

Rotate based on EXIF orientation. (Available in ThumbsPlus 7.0 and later only). ThumbsPlus will automatically rotate the image based on the contents of the EXIF orientation field.

The ThumbsPlus Digicam Plug-in v1.7 (9.3 MB) is available for download from these locations:

Just install this awesome plug-in into the ThumbsPlus v7 folder.

If you need your ThumbsPlus v7 download and installation instructions again, contact Phyllis Auer for your complimentary press copy code for the 5-Concurrent Usage license for ThumbsPlus v7 PRO.

Note that this plug-in is not supported on Windows 95 or NT 4.

The release notes can be found here:

For Kodak DCS/DCR and Canon EOS2000 images, you will also need the Kodak libraries (11.5 MB):

You can download ThumbsPlus v7 Pro here (17.8 MB):

Laura Shook can be of assistance with ThumbsPlus, the Digicam plug-in, the Postscript plug-in or the ThumbsPlus WebClient add-on. She can be reached at

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