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ThumbsPlus version 10 Pricing
Product Code License Description License Type Users Initial Price Version Upgrade Support Renewal (Annual)
LPRO-V10 ThumbsPlus Professional Single 1 119.95 50.00 Not applicable for single-user or home licenses.
LSTD-V10 ThumbsPlus Standard Single 1 59.95 30.00
NETH-V10 ThumbsPlus Home Network (info) Concurrent 1 to 5 users 179.95 60.00
NETC ThumbsPlus Network (info) Concurrent At least 3 125.00 50.00 37.50
NETORG Organizational Network Unlimited 50,000.00 20,000.00 15,000.00
NETGLOBAL Global Organizational Network Unlimited   Contact us  

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Prices may change without notice.

Upgrade policy and information

For a single user license holder, the upgrade fee is only applicable if you are upgrading from any prior major version (e.g., 7.0) to the most current version (e.g., 10.0). Upgrades to minor versions or service packs (e.g., 10.0 to 10.1) are provided at no charge.

For corporate or organizational license upgrades, please see below.

Home Network Licenses

We offer home network licensing for ThumbsPlus. These licenses are intended for non-business use at home for between 2 and 5 computers on a network. For more than 5 users, you will need to purchase a network license.

Return and Refund Policy

Because we offer you the opportunity to test the software for up to 30 days before purchasing, we only issue refunds at our discretion. We are generally nice people, though, so we'll be glad to if we feel circumstances warrant it!

Network (Concurrent) Licenses

We offer network licensing for ThumbsPlus. These licenses provide all major upgrades to ThumbsPlus for one year, unlimited support by telephone or through email, and maintenance releases when required. After the first year and each subsequent year, you must pay an annual support fee (currently $37.50 per user) to continue receiving support and upgrades. If your support lapses, you will need to purchase a version upgrade (currently $60 per user) to receive support or major upgrades.

The number of licensed users may be upgraded for the difference between the price paid for the original license and the current cost of the new license. Licenses may be renewed each year for 30% of the current license cost. This will continue support and updates for an additional year.

Cerious Software will provide a single distribution download, which you may install on users' systems or place on an internal company network, for use by no more than the licensed number of users simultaneously.

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