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ThumbsPlus Version 8
Release Notes

Build 3516, 5 January 2010
Copyright ©1993-2010, Cerious Software Inc.

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Please note: This upgrade is free only if you purchased a perpetual license when they were available or purchased ThumbsPlus on or after 14 February 2008. We have already sent version 8 codes to those eligible. If your email address has changed since your purchase, please use this form to request your code.

Build 3516 fixes database conversion from versions 4-7 (.td4).

General Notes

ThumbsPlus 8 is a Unicode application, and thus supports folder names, file names and data in any language regardless of the edition of Windows on your computer. This also makes version 8 incompatible with 95/98/ME, which should have been retired about 5 years ago.

Most parts of ThumbsPlus are now ready to be built as a 64-bit application, which will allow much larger images to be loaded and handled. Some parts will have to remain 32-bit in order to call 32-bit libraries from other vendors (at least until those are available in 64-bit form).

The database schema has been reworked to incorporate the most requested features, including support for Date Taken as a primary (rather than user) field, and addition of a Rating field, which can be loaded from XMP or Vista metadata.

Additional version 8 changes include::

  • Support for longer file and path names in databases which support them (400 characters).
  • Tracking of which user and system made or updated each thumbnail. (A history log will be added in a future release).
  • All dates and times are now stored (and handled internally) in ISO 8601 standard format for easier collation and readability. As in previous versions, dates and times are stored internally as UTC and converted to and from the user's local time zone for display and searching.
  • Some important database-related information that was previously stored in the INI file is now stored in the database, preventing accidental changes by users.
  • As an option, all XMP metadata (including standard EXIF fields) may be copied to the database. In databases which support it (i.e., SQL Server), this information may be directly searched by queries in SQL Server Management Studio.
  • The JET database engine (Access format) will continue be supported for a the time being; however, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Firebird offer larger databases, and better performance and reliability in multi-user configurations,
  • SQLite3 offers improved performance for non-shared database (standalone), and does not top out at 2GB as A.ccess.
  • For Access and SQLite3 databases, you can store the thumbnails in files extrernal to the database, offering near unlimited support for the number of thumbnails in even an Access (.tpdb8) database.
  • Lengthened keyword size to 255 characters, with the ability to define categorical keywords, such as "Animal\Dog". The keyword list will be available in tree format easier handling during assignment.
  • Many changes have been made to ease future internationalization of ThumbsPlus, thus speeding localized releases.
  • Python has been added to ThumbsPlus for use as a scripting language. This will enable both Cerious Software and our users to extend the capabilities without having to release new versions. More parts of ThumbsPlus will be moved to Python in the future to allow easier customization, either by ourselves or by you! Currently there is not a simple UI for adding Python routines, but one will be available in 8.1.
  • Support for themes and skins. Additional panes in the main window are provided for easier keyword assignment, searching, and metadata editing. All menus, toolbars and keystrokes are now customizable. Any menu selection or list may now be placed on the toolbar.
  • ThumbsPlus is now a Unicode application (16-bit characters), allowing better handinling of filename and folder display (in their native character sets).
  • ThumbsPlus is being prepared for building as a 64-bit application, which will improve some issues. Unfortunately, many libraries we use are only available in 32-bit form, so we'll either need to build a work-around or wait until the vendors release updated DLLs.
  • SQLite3 is now a supported database type, and it's built-in like Access, so you can create a new database directly (rather than having to worry about SQL scripts and ODBC data sources). Just use Database - New and select ThumbsPlus Database (Sqlite3 format .tpdbs) in the drop-down. Because of the way SQLite3 handles database concurreny, it is not recommended for sharing by more than a few concurrent users on either .tpdb8 (Access) or .tpdb8s (SQLite3) database formats.. In that case, please use one of the supported Client/Server databases (MS SqlServer, MySQL, Sybase, DB2, Postgres, Firebird).
  • You can now convert client/server databases within ThumbsPlus. Use Database - Convert Client/Server. Make sure you convert a copy or have a backup, as the process is not reversible.
  • Improved XMP/IPT/EXIP and interoperability.
  • Updated the bug reporter (ThumbsBug) to create .7z archive for sending.
  • Added more information to the error message when copying the template database fails.
  • Fixed several display issues in Windows 7.
  • Improved performance for network folders.
  • Changed extensions for schemes and sets.
  • Fixed several problems with printing images and catalogs.
  • Set default monitor to "Same" on first run or when the number of monitors changed.
  • Improved automatic keyword generation.
  • Fixed the database extension and database options when creating database.
  • Fixed loading ICC color profiles from JPEG files.
  • Changed database row ID sizes to 64 bits on databases that support it. Converted databases will still use 32-bit IDs.
  • Several database upgrade fixes.
  • Implemented upgrading from several client/server databases (MySQL, Firebird, SQL Server, PostgreSQL). Note that even a successful conversion may list some SQL errors that you can ignore (I plan to suppress the display in a future build). The last output line will report whether the conversion failed.
  • Fixed errors when processing XMP updates.
  • Very many user interface issues have been updated and fixed. You can now customize all menus (including context menus),, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts.
  • External programs (File - Open With - Add Program) are implemented on the File menus (main window and view window), and during toolbar customization, you can drag them to the toolbar.
  • Creating thumbnails with lots of automatic keywords is now considerably faster on Access (.tpdb8) and SQLite3 (.tpdb8s) databases.
  • I implemented the Metadata Batch Editor (XMP/IPTC/EXIF), File - Edit Metadata.
  • ThumbsPlus 8 requires a new registration code. We have emailed codes to all eligble to receive free upgrades; if you think we missed you, or if your email address has changed, please use the <a href="">Code Request Form</a> to request your code. Please be patent! we're a small company and anticipate many thousands of code requests.
  • Windows 7 support.
  • Proper volume matching for network drives. If you have previously thumbnailed network shares using a Version 8 beta, I would recommend creating a new database. There have been an enormous number of fixes and changes.
  • The Thumbs.typ and Thumbs.flt files have been renamed to Thumbs8 because of conflicts when version 7 and version 8 were isntalled on the same computer.
  • ThumbsPlus will now read ratings from the file's metadata; however, modifying the rating is not connected, you have to modify both the database rating (in the "Info" section) and the XMP rating (in the "Metadata" section). The same is true for Date Taken (original date/time). This will be fixed for improved intuitivity in a subseqpent release.
  • The default display layout, menus, and toolbars have changed. If you customized prior version(s) of ThumbsPlus, you'll need to do so again in version 8.!

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