Differences between Standard, Professional, Network and Home Network licenses

Feature Standard Pro Network Home Network
Share a ThumbsPlus database on a network. This allows multiple users to share a database, including thumbnails, annotations, keywords, user fields, queries and galleries. You can use the included MS Access and Sqlite3 database format, or any of the client/server databases listed below.    
(up to 5 users)
Support for client/server databases (MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL and MariaDB)  
Cerious plug-in support  
Photoshop plug-in support  
16 and 48-bit support in JPEG2000, TIFF and  
16 and 48-bit image editing  

Digital camera raw image support (requires the Digicam plug-in). This currently includes support for:


Adobe (DNG)
Canon (CRW, CR2, TIF)
Foveon/Sigma (X3F)
Fuji (RAF)
Kodak (DCS, DCR)
Konica Minolta (MDC, MRW)

Leica (RAW)
Nikon (NEF)
Olympus (ORF)
Pentax (PEF)
Sony (SRF, SR2)


Scientific file formats:


Olympus Confocal TIFF
Biorad Confocal PIC
IPL format