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From the blog at Phil Rose Photography

OK, Clint is not going to like this. A running joke in the studio I share with Clinton James is that I am always trying to convert the poor boy to this marvellous lifesaving piece of software. But he holds out against the fiercest of valid arguments, the fool.

ThumbsPlus is an image handling, sorting, (minor) editing, resizing, outputting, gallery producing, keywording, batch processing wonder. If I start to go into too much detail I'll never stop. Suffice it to say that if you've ever downloaded images and had a need to resize them, rename them, make them into a web page, search for them or do a million other wonderful things then Thumbs is certainly for you.

Possibly the most amazing attributes of this package would be its ability to store the thumbnails for offline disks, CDs, DVDs, floppys, USB memory sticks etc. The upshot of this is that if I am looking for an image of a bird, for instance and I know I put it on a disk somewhere but I don't know where or which disk I can do a search for the file name 'birdie' and hey presto, up comes a results box with a thumbnail showing my bird and it tells me that I burned it to DVD 18. But what if I know that I was inefficient and burned the image when it was called IMGP3342 or whatever and after that the name got changed to 'Birdie'? Well, if I have a small version, say a copy I uploaded to Flickr or whichever online picture showing service you prefer, I can grab that and search again. But this time, instead of searching for a filename we tell it to search for 'image similarity'. That's right, it can scan your hard drive, externals and disks for images that LOOK like the selected image. And it works. Don't ask me how but it does.

I could go on all day but won't because you'll all die of boredom or think me a nerd (as if!) So scoot ye over to Cerious Software where you can buy the Professional edition (handles RAW images amongst other things) for $90 or the Personal edition for $50. Arguably the best $90 I've spent on software.

To the editor of Digital Camera Magazine

Dear Editor,

Stunned! I was just overwhelmed by the March edition of DCM! It contained exactly the articles I had been looking for! Professional lighting, light meters, a plethora of goodies! Indeed it made up for the occasional times I would find the same articles, or very similar ones, in your sister magazine ...

In the article on "Album Software" you overlooked a fabulous product "Thumbs Plus" by Cerious Software.

I am a dermatologist and as such, like my colleagues, am collecting thousands and thousands of digital photos of patients with interesting skin diseases, pre-op and post-op photos and the like, which is all well and fine, but how do you retrieve just the photos you want? In a review of Album Software, in a speech I gave in India last year, the product that was at the top of the list was "ThumbsPlus" as it has a plethora of features including the ability to import and utilize EXIF info, see RAW files (!) and perhaps most useful was the ability to create categories of searchable data that you personally want to have available, and do an instantaneous search on that data.

For example, I usually have the following data appended to all my photos: First Name, Last Name, Disease Name, Date (of photo) and Chart Number, though any number of fields may be created. These fields, the EXIF fields etc can all be quickly searched. AND! And perhaps you had better be sitting down for this: when I had a problem with an earlier version the head of the company Laura Shook personally answered my e-mail and straightened it out! Had any personal e-mails from Bill Gates recently? ...

By the bye, this program is used not only by small end-users like myself, but also major organizations with millions of photos (and movies and sounds etc). It's inexpensive, easy to use and supported by nice folks, what more can I say?

I have (unfortunately) absolutely no financial interest in the company or program, just a happy user.

Steven D. Emmet, M.D.
Professor Dermatology, UCSD
Fellow Jikei U. Dept. Dermatology (Tokyo)

I just want to tell you what a fine piece of software you have with Thumbs Plus. We've been using version 6 for a couple of years and will soon upgrade to v7. Our primary use has been to create custom index prints for the thousands of CD's we produce for our clients using your Contact Sheet process. Recently we discovered that this fantastic program can do so much more than just create index prints. We're using it to batch process thousands of 100mb TIFF files to create smaller JPEG and GIF derivatives, embed ICC profiles and move them to various folders across our network. We're also using it to create "instant" websites that our clients can use to remotely approve image processing work we do for them. Since our clients are all over the world, this is so much faster and more cost effective than shipping CD's and hard drives via overnight courier. By the way, while my team of technicians is handling the large scanning projects, I'm out consulting on digital imaging, scanning and workflow optimization to universities, museums, libraries and corporate image collections around the country. I've started showing them a demo of Thumbs on my laptop and telling them how reasonably priced it is for the power they get. So, thanks for a wonderful product and I hope I can help you sell considerably more of it in the future.


- Howard Brainen

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. There are very few computer applications that are life altering. Quicken, Word Processing and ThumbsPlus are reasons to buy a computer, upgrade a computer or find a new hobby. I am not a computer 'geek', but I have come to rely on this machine for everything from dawn to dusk.... I am a customer for life. Thank you for making my life so much easier for almost 10 years now.

- David Crocker

Two minutes after installing the beta upgrade today and testing that its .raw support includes .nef support for Nikon (yes, it does!) I write to thank you for perhaps the longest sustained relationship I've had with one product since getting a home PC in 1995. You've always offered upgrades at friendly prices; the upgrades always work; the company obviously has flourished; ThumbsPlus always has features I can grow into; it's nicely coordinated with other vendors products (I can drag your thumbnails into Photoshop or FrontPage without a glitch; that is so wise of you; and a model for others); and although I now use others products for some of my hobbyist photography/web page building work, my photo inventory stays in ThumbsPlus because, well, because it's there; and because of all the reasons above. And you seem like nice people; I remember the pictures of children, and dogs. Having that .nef support for me is key and very helpful, and more useful than Nikon or Adobe's version, I can see already, because I can dump my pics into ThumbsPlus and quickly find the good ones, a very pokey process using the others .nef-supporting viewing options. So many thanks for this latest improvement.

- Charlie

ThumbsPlus? We just cannot live without it! It has been running most of the time for the past 2 years, converting, cropping and resizing over 140,000 quality images!

- Andrea de Polo
Alinari Photo Archives

ThumbsPlus is probably the single most useful piece of software we have ever purchased and it is used constantly on our computer. I give ThumbsPlus a huge thumbs up. (Read the full review!)

- Matthew Quick

You must be Cerious! I am an engineer by trade, so before I buy I carefully research the product - sometimes adnauseum. When I decided I needed a cataloguing program, I looked at many, finally narrowing down my decision to two....After using both programs side by side for a number of days, it was a no brainer decision as to which was best. ThumbsPlus was a hands down winner. It did everything I asked of it and more. No system crashes or error messages. You have quite a product here. I use Thumbs Plus to catalogue large numbers of photos. It is terrific!

- Myron Chaitoff

My problem is not with Thumbsplus as a program; it's with the fact that you guys are just TOO good. You have ruined me for other companies. They may have good products, but their customer service is in no way up to your standards. You have set a high benchmark that is hard for other companies to meet.

- Jack Driggers

I just wanted to tell you I use your software everyday and find it to be the most important program in my hard drive. Organizing and finding pics is accomplished easily with ThumbsPlus. I used the free version for a while but I just had to buy it. Tech support has been great as well whenever I need them to answer a question. The web page wizard is great for creating all my thumbnail pages... In my photography, 3d animation and webmastering, ThumbsPlus makes my life easier. Thanx for making this program.

- James Whitley
Cutting Edge Photography

Dear Phyllis,
...Thank you very much for your help...ThumbsPlus is a wonderful program, and the support is the very best I have encountered. Please use my name as a testimonial. I would be honoured...Your grateful friend.

- John Brophy

I first started using ThumbsPlus approx. 18 months ago whilst running a web development group on the recommendation of a colleague (also running a web development group in another part of the company). In all the time I used it, I found it extremely feature rich, intuitive and all at a very reasonable price. This was then capped by an as yet unmatched level of support when my licenses went astray, I got a response to my inquiry in minutes. Definitely the tool for the job at a price that no one can baulk at.

- Jordan Vaughan

I have successfully persuaded three more people to buy ThumbsPlus! That makes 15 new customers this year! Why? Simply because of all the programs out there that are more hype than hip. And because of all the programs out there that lead you astray rather than towards your goal. And because of all the very, very expensive programs out there that are very, very pleasantly sold to you, whose salespersons take your cash oh so graciously, and then whose techs and sales force very, very unpleasantly utterly ignore you forever afterward, after the deal is matter what disastrous complications...and no matter that the program may ultimately stop functioning altogether! Thank God for TPv4.1!

ThumbsPlus' editing ability is indescribably convenient. I had to open up and use Adobe Photoshop5.5 about a dozen times, for really difficult image repairs. However, I probably used ThumbsPlus roughly 500 or 600 times!

By God let it out!...For the whole world to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love ThumbsPlus.....!

- Snapper McGauhey

Without a doubt, this is the most powerful and easy to use graphics management program I've ever used. To be honest, I wish I would have bought the registered version right away. The manual is very easy (and fun) to read and I really appreciate the way you folks seem so willing to help your users. I am going to "Ceriously" recommend this program to my friends. Keep up the good work, folks like you make computers fun!

- Chris Bower

All the new bells and whistles keep Thumbs a very valuable tool to me. Guess that's why I've been with you so many years, through so many paid upgrades(And worth every penny). Congratulations and Continued Success.

- Ray Nichols

With ThumbsPlus, my digital camera, and my two scanners, I could spend the rest of my life just doing graphic things on my computer. I often pat myself on the back for my talent in finding the very best of something, whether it's my wife, the finest restaurant, or the most superlative graphics software. How I ever stumble onto the highest of quality, I'll never know. But I do!

- Rich Farina

I have been a longtime Cerious Software customer and Thumbs user. I LOVE ThumbsPlus and can't imagine how I would be able to manage the pictures on my computer without it!! Thumbs Plus is a "must have" piece of software for anyone that has a digital camera. I have tried other products that are similar, but they don't come close to ThumbsPlus for functionality and value. Your FREE "version" updates make your software one of the best bargains available.

Web Page Wizard made an otherwise difficult task fairly easy.

Thanks for making a great product and supporting it like you do. I recommend Thumbs Plus to all of my friends and clients.

- Bill Gouge

For $80, you guys sure pack a lot of functionality into ThumbsPlus. I'm a pretty serious digital camera buff and I've gotten a lot out of ThumbsPlus so far with my digital photos. I just purchased a 35mm film scanner to scan and catalog all of my old photos (20 years worth) and put them on CDs. The features ThumbsPlus has for offline media will be fantastic.

I enjoy using the slide show feature to allow family and friends to see the pictures I have cataloged. I also have video capture/editing equipment that I will soon be using to put videos on CD for archival purposes. So all the features oriented toward video will be super as well. Thanks for a great product and one that helps make my photo and video hobby more fun for me and more rewarding for my family.

- Mike Glish

Dear Tracey, a fellow ThumbsPlus user -- I just want to say to someone who would understand: Aren't these people just about the classiest software vendors you know? What a terrific email notice and set of update policies/aids. On top of technically excellent software and documentation.

PS to others -- I've prolly bored you with touting ThumbsPlus, which I've enjoyed for 2-3 years. I got it after it became more than a thumbnails/catalog gadget, and was still cheap. The original author knows more about PC graphics etc. than anyone I can suggest, and he/they share that beautifully. Now they do video and audio also.

- Bill Cole

I really love my ThumbsPlus and glad I bought it. I use it with my digital camera to keep track of my grand kids pictures and all the artwork I do. I know there are a bunch of programs with viewers in them now days, but they can not compare to ThumbsPlus - I like the fact that it is a stand-alone software and can work with other software.

- Debra Wylie

Since retiring from work due to ill health, my computer has become my main outlet, and I generally work with graphics of one sort or another. I have sent this email to thank you all for your product ThumbsPlus. It is beyond doubt one of the best programs I have purchased. I can honestly say that when the shareware version ran out I had to purchase the full version as I literally could not do without it. The new version 4.1 with its preview viewer and other enhancements is a superb addition to my graphics setup. I thank you again.

- Barry Smallwood

T+ is one of the best cataloguing programs I have seen - there are others that make thumbnails and albums, but none that offer the features you do. The find by image similarity is just fantastic. Your support is outstanding, and you all go out of your way to help those with difficulty. At times we complain, but only in terms of trying to make a great product better. Keep up the good work and thanks.

- George Borton

Just a note to let you know how much I like your product (Thumbs+), it has become an essential and reliable component of my business and just keeps getting better... on top of a great product your support through constant free upgrades is fantastic. If only other shareware producers had the same business philosophy... I wish you all success.

- Doug Beck

I think it may be the best software I've ever used!

- Michael Hughes

Just a note from a person out there who really appreciates good software and a fine bunch of people who go behind it. Your support is excellent and my questions are being addressed in a very timely manor. I have not yet purchased ThumbsPlus but intend to do so shortly. I would find it a great pleasure to support your company by registering ThumbsPlus.

- Emil Cost

[posted in]

I normally just lurk in this newsgroup, but a recent positive experience prompted me to post.

For some time, I've been looking for an image thumbnail/database application to handle my rapidly-mounting pile of digital images (scanned negs, D-600L pics, and astro images from an SBIG/Celestron CCD camera). The problem has been to find a program that handles the images from the SBIG/Celestron camera. After reading about it in this newsgroup, I checked out Cerious Software's ThumbsPlus and was initially excited to learn that it supports SBIG images.

However, for some reason the images produced by my camera are slightly different from the "normal" SBIG format, enough so that ThumbsPlus wouldn't read them. Not hoping for much, I decided to email Cerious.

I guess it's really a sad statement about the type of customer support I've come to expect, but to my surprise they responded right away. A couple of days later my camera's image type was added to the latest beta release of ThumbsPlus's supported file types, and I now have a program that will handle all my digital images.

I just wanted to pass on my positive experience with this company and publicly thank them for great service! Needless to say, my registration fee is forthcoming :-)

- Brad

Without a doubt, you have probably had so many compliments about your product that you just CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE !!!!! Well, not until I get my praises "wired" to you ! ! !

With my innate gift of Italian verbosity, I could elaborate for a long while about how superb THUMBS PLUS is as a software product. But simply, let me say that for some twenty-five years I worked as a programmer, manager, and systems manager using IBM's earliest minicomputers up to their small mainframes. I'm keen on what good programming and systems work is all about. In that quarter century, very, very few people in the trade would ever make it to my "Top Five" list. You are certainly on this list!!! I find that Italian words are often more romantic-sounding than in our own
language, especially when to you, Phillip, I say: Assolutamente Magnifico!

- Richard M. Farina

Regarding ThumbsPlus: Congratulations on an incredible job, WELL DONE!

ThumbsPlus is fast, powerful, flexible, dependable, amazingly useful, and a whole lot of fun! The intuitive-to-the-max ThumbsPlus interface has turned the enormous task of cataloguing images (and other files) and producing thumbnails into an almost-addictive graphical pleasure! Virtually any option that can be thought of (such as slideshows, scanner, image enhancements and more) are built right right in. The intuitive-to-the-max menus are simple, logically organized and easy to navigate.

All commands and options are right where you would expect to find them. With drag and drop simplicity, moving, renaming, copying and deleting thumbnails (and/or their disk files) an absolute breeze! I can't imagine a World Wide Web planet without ThumbsPlus!

- Joe Newton

I just downloaded the release version of 3.0g and I managed to fall in love all over again. Your image enhancement hot keys are just fantastic. Not only do they improve on what Photoshop has been giving me but when I save the newly enhanced files I'm saving 5-12k on files of 30-55K and my smaller 4-5k thumbnails are being cut in half.

Wonderful stuff. Thanks for your sleepless nights.

- Don Ellis

My hat is off to you again; good job on version 3.0. As you are aware, I have been using your product for some time. I find it the best in the business. Version 3.0 demonstrates your dedication to this product.

I have used other products, some costing more, and by far this product gives me the abilities to do so much more with ease. As a VP of Sales and Marketing for a network company, NetGuard Technologies, Inc., it is advantageous for me to demonstrate graphically what I would like to promote within the North American continent. This product is the best tool I have to view what is available to me and convert to a publishing package.

- Dave Majeski
VP Business Development
NetGuard Technologies, Inc.

I just wanted to thank you for always alerting me to updates for your excellent program. It is this type of support that makes shareware my software of choice. I also wanted to let you know that Thumbs Plus is one of the most valuable and most used programs on my system. The ability to quickly browse both installed and uninstalled fonts and to view thumbnails of graphics stored on removable media alone was well worth the registration price. All the additional power features and the customizability of the interface are unparalleled in any other package of this genre' that I have tried - and I tried more than a few!!

Again, THANK YOU and I look forward to the continued evolution of the best media catalog system on the planet... possibly any planet!

- Craig Roberts

Just a short note to let you know what an asset your Thumbs software is to the overall operation of my computer. I have two 1 GB hard drives, and quite a few CDs, chock full of graphics, including GIFs, JPEGs, TIFs, MPEGs, etc. If it were not for the effectiveness of your software I would be hopelessly lost trying to keep track of all the images.

Thanks again for a wonderful product, the most I have ever gotten for my money.

- Ray Kangas

Having used an awful lot of shareware, and even registered the good stuff <vbg>, I'd like to pay a small compliment to all at Cerious. Quite a few companies produce excellent shareware these days, but they don't always back it up with good customer support. All too often you're left to download the revisions and help is only available on-line - great if you're on free local calls in the US, but tough this side of the pond! Cerious scores both on excellent software AND excellent customer support. Thanks!

- Ian Barnes

"I had to thank you personally for a brilliant piece of software. Keep up the good work, and I hope you will become the standard way to see images on a disk. I sure will point to ThumbsPlus for this task!"

- Moshe Shalom, Sr. System Software Engineer, Eastronics Ltd.

"Every time I turn around, ThumbsPlus becomes an even better program than it was before. I'm surprised it's not in the stores everywhere."

- Mark Kaplan

"I just discovered the different sharpen filters and they work great! Everyday I find something new and if it keeps going this way I may just replace my Picture Publisher 95 completely! Seriously Laura, this is a great product you have. How about letting PC Magazine get a shot at it, I'm sure they will be as impressed as I am! You have become my favorite customer support representative!"

- Carlos M. Sanchez

"I've noticed I'm not the only one disappointed with Hijaak 95. I love ThumbsPlus. It's the program I wanted Hijaak 95 to be."

- Anjan Sen, on Quarterdeck Forum, CompuServe

"Again, a million thanks for a great program that keeps getting better."

- John Crea, CompuServe Sysop, Scuba forum; Section Leader, Symantec SymNew forum

"To tell the truth, I find the program so intuitive that I seldom look at the help. Lots of power but easy to use. My personal favorite is ThumbsPlus."

- Ray McVay, CompuServe 'GO GRAPHICS' Sysop

"I have dealt with MANY hardware and software vendors over the years and feel that my opinion of same may be more valid than most... and I would like to thank you for the way you run your company. I just received my registered copy of Thumbs PLUS for Windows 95 as a follow up to my registered copy for Windows 3.x exactly on time just as the delightful young women who took my order over the phone had promised. I installed it immediately and am quite pleased with its enhancements. As a DP professional, it is a genuine joy to see a product that is engineered and developed with the obvious attention to detail that you folks provide."

- David A. Jessie

I have tried ThumbsPlus and found it outstanding for my needs to keep track on my MM-files. This is one of the absolutely best shareware programs I have tried since I started as a BBS-Sysop 1986. It will became a standard program to me like another shareware I found in the late 80«s (Procomm Plus)."

- Leif Wahlberg

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