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ThumbsPlus Version 7 SP1 (beta 9)
Release Notes

Build 2220, 2 July 2006
Copyright ©1993-2006, Cerious Software Inc.


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Image Viewing and Editing

  • Image filters will now use multiple threads on multi-processor or HT systems.
  • You can now zoom in or out of an image with Ctrl + Mouse Wheel.
  • You can now scroll an image horizontally with Shift + Mouse Wheel.
  • Added the ability to save a color profile from an image to a .icm file in Image | Color Profile.
  • Added a new menu item Edit | Remove Alpha Channel. This can also be used in Batch Processing to avoid warnings about not saving alpha when saving as 24-bit images (such as JPEG).
  • New menu items and toolbar buttons were added for showing Alpha Only, RGBA, and All channels.
  • Image | Process | Video Deinterlace has been added (view window and batch processing). This removes alternate scan lines and interpolates the full image size from them, eliminating jagged edges in video capture frames.
  • Image | XE847 Autocorrection has been added (view window and batch processing).
  • Fixed many pasting and image stamp problems (resize, pan, pasting while zoomed, vanishing selection). You can now force the pasted area to overlap the edges of the image by holding SHIFT while dragging.
  • Fixed the "Favorites" drop down in the File | Save As dialog so that it correctly changes the folder.
  • Made Reverse Mouse Wheel Zoom the default for consistency with Microsoft applications and guidelines (this will not change current preferences on an upgrade).
  • The option for turning images based on thumbnail orientation (Options | Viewing | Other) now works for all image loading, including the slide show.
  • Applying color adjustment to shadows, highlights or midtones now works properly for 16 bit per channel images.
  • Fixed problem when MP3 or WAV files are selected for viewing in the thumbnail window and a slide show is done with them.
  • Fit-to-width and fit-to-height windows are now properly resampled.
  • ThumbsPlus will no longer attempt to save Undo/Redo information when the image is larger than the maximum Undo/Redo size.

Font Support

  • Improved font support considerably, eliminating many messages about invalid fonts. Freetype 2.1 is now used to render fonts for thumbnails and the view window
  • Font thumbnails are slightly different now (left-aligned rather than centered).
  • Font thumbnail generation is significantly faster.
  • Added support for OpenType (.OTF) and Windows (.FON) fonts.
  • Adobe software is no longer required to thumbnail and view Adobe Type 1 fonts (.PFB) on Windows 95/98/ME.

Main Window

  • Added Options | Sort By | Image number to sort by the first number found within the file name.
  • Fixed memory size computation for 12 and 36-bit images (as in memory they require 16 or 48 bpp).
  • Improved the appearance of the file context menu in the thumbnail view.
  • Sorting by a user field now sorts properly for fields of type Numeric and Decimal.
  • When making thumbnails, ThumbsPlus now notes in the database images that have an alpha channel. In the thumbnail view, these images will be marked with an alpha symbol: α


  • Added an option to minimize the startup progress window (in Options | Preferences | Startup) and prevent it from changing size (e.g. maximize).
  • Moved the list of ignored drives (Options | Preferences | Disks and Folders) to the database-specific options. Note that you will have to reset ignored drives after upgrading to SP1, but now you can select different drives to be ignored for different databases.
  • In Options | Preferences | File Types, fixed Load Using: Command to work properly.
  • Added "All" list to Options | Preferences | File Types, so that you can view all defined file types in alphabetical order.

File Formats - New and Updated

  • Added TIFF tab to File Loading (Options | File Loading | Tiff).
  • JPEG-compressed TIFF (written according to the TIFF technical note) files now load properly.
  • Fixed problem crashing when loading JPEGs with invalid EXIF pointers to private tags.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented loading many Targa (TGA) images.
  • You can now view and edit IPTC info in DNG (Adobe Digital Negative) files.

File Metadata (EXIF, IPTC, Comments, Annotations, User Fields)

  • Options | File Loading | Exif has been moved to Options | Preferences | Metadata, with several additional options for importing image comments.
  • You can now view and edit IPTC info in DNG (Adobe Digital Negative) files.
  • Added an option in Options | File Loading | Tiff to ignore the Image Description (not use it as the image comment).
  • Improved performance of editing IPTC info.
  • Added additional options for generating keywords from the IPTC caption and EXIF user comment.
  • The IPTC editor is now easier to use and displays keywords when editing a single file.
  • Fixed problem in Thumbnail | Assign User Fields not check marking the user field when a value was selected from the drop-down.
  • Fixed problem using Alt+C to position to the Caption field in Edit | Edit IPTC Info.
  • Options | Preferences | Metadata: "Don't rotate portrait images" now works properly.
  • If an EXIF field appears more than once, the first occurrence is now used. (This also fixed a problem with EXIF orientation in saved files.)
  • Fixed problem where EXIF information was not always being updated properly when saving an image.
  • A problem with some EXIF proprietary data (Maker Note), especially in some Canon models, was corrected

Web Page Wizard

  • You can now configure the locations for templates and schemes separately, in Options | Preferences | Schemes & Sets.
  • Implemented {{Heading}} in image Web Page Wizard page templates (.tptp files).
  • In the web page wizard, updated generated HTML <img...> and <br> tags to use <img... /> and <br />.
  • Fixed a problem with the generated table formatting in the web page wizard.


  • The ThumbsPlus startup code has been rewritten. You can now press and hold L to initiate ThumbsPlus logging (Thumbs.log), which can be useful for diagnosing startup, database and other problems.
  • The latest release of the PolyImagePro library (2.19) has been incorporated.
  • PolyImagePro version numbers should no longer be an issue; T+ will always use the DLL located in the ThumbsPlus folder.
  • Moved the auto rename pattern (File | Auto Rename) to the database-specific options, so that it will remember different patterns if you use multiple databases.
  • Fixed the registration code checking in the installer for non-English characters.
  • Fixed a problem when loading/saving JPEG files on some Intel processors.
  • A performance problem after any lengthy operation with messages (move files, copy files, etc.) has been corrected.
  • Check for Updates now checks for plug-in updates also, and no longer displays the progress bar for each component.
  • 48 and 16-bit images will now print properly in the catalog.
  • Many additional reported bugs, crashes, and aesthetic issues have been fixed.

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